Not sure about masks? 

Play Anti-Mask to learn a bit about why they're so important for protecting yourself, those around you, and even people you've never met! 

Your goal is to spread an infection from the start at one town to another town at the end. You can infect areas by pressing on them, and you can only infect areas next to the ones you've already infected.

Once you complete the first town area the computer wills tart protecting areas by making people wear masks. You can't infect these areas and you'l have to try not to get trapped in with nowhere to infect.

Fortunately, Joe is an Anti-Masker. This means that although he is perfectly able to wear a mask, he just doesn't want to. You will always be able to infect him in the park- use this to your advantage!

Anti-Mask is currently in a play-test phase

This is an educational mini-game and our goal is to teach people learning outcomes through game-play, such as how your decision to not wear a mask can lead to others getting infected. - even people you've never met before.

Any feedback would be more than welcome and would help shape the game into the intended short learning experience.

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